Silverlight and WPF applications development

Asfsoft - we are a young and ambitious team that specializes in creating interactive applications on modern technologies. Our goal is to develop software with an extremely simple, and at the same time, user-friendly interface. One of the instance is the Metro style. All of you have met it before: in airports, train stations, on the road driving a car or even pedestrian. Slightly noticeable, monotone-pointers signs - there is one example of the Metro style. But you want to know what is the advantage of this approach? The answer is simple. This an approach is effective to focus the user's attention on what is really important to see, and not to focus his attention on a beautiful background or bright icons.


Silverlight technology is used to develop web applications with the "rich" user interface. The main features of Silverlight-applications - is to build a user interface based on vector graphics. The use of animations, media elements makes your app is especially beautiful and serves to emphasize the identity of Your company without any limits. Also do not forget the fact that the technology is perfectly interacts with the data, allowing you to integrate it into absolutely any ERP or CRM system, thus provide You with the convenience and ease of use.

WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation

WPF is that Windows Presentation Foundation (the full version of Silverlight technology) - This technology is designed to build: easy to use, visually beautiful and large Windows-based applications. WPF is used for applications that do not operate only with data, and also has great potential to work with 3D-graphics.

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